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By Gimly January 29, 2017

Going in I knew certain people took major issue with the subject of some of the movie's jokes: Rape, animal cruelty, depression, death, and domestic terrorism to name a few. Personally I took issue with the fact that I was bored.

A black-comedy anthology film starring a Dachshund seemed like it would be totally my cup of tea. In reality, _Wiener-Dog_ couldn't hold my attention through even the first segment, and I didn't laugh once.

_Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid if possible._

By Reno January 29, 2017

**A dog's lifetime journey with the different owners.**

I am an animal lover, but there's nothing bad I found on it. It was just a film and they did not even harm the dogs that used for, but those, particularly final scene was a graphic. Anyway, one thing is for sure that this is not for softhearted people. Because some of the contents were unpleasant to watch, but in the real world these things happen everyday, everywhere and nobody doing nothing to stop that. So you can't just blame this film for that to portraying the facts. In a recent film, someone was attacked by a bear and later it was killed, but this is not that kind of bad impression giving film for the animal lovers.

I haven't seen the 'Welcome to the Dollhouse', but it is a spin-off of that. Written and directed by a same filmmaker. A comedy drama with multiple layers, but all of them follows a single dog, the journey what a dog makes in his lifetime like with the different owners how its fate hangs. So you aren't going to enjoy all the tale, I particularly liked first one and so do the many others. The second half was not up to its counterpart. It started off well and if it had ended the same way, it would have been considered a good one. But it lost the track during the middle, so now it is an average, maybe just below that.

Don't think it is a dog film like those you loved. The dog is the part of the film, but its contributions were rare. It is just a film and enjoy it as one, other than that it is useless to complain on the depiction. It is R rated, and that tells it might not suitable for families. But it carried a very good message on how the dogs were treated in the different classes, in the different society of people and family. For that alone, it is worth a watch, but still lacks appealness. So I won't suggest it, but it is not bad either like many people claiming. All I would say is choose it carefully, don't believe what some were whining about.